I came, I saw, and I made it AWKWARD.

I just turned 30, and I have some big goals for this decade!

I have been writing since I can remember, and it was something I always knew I was called to do. I enjoy writing fiction and memoir, and I have recently found a love for blogging.

Speaking of blogging, TheAwkwardDoe.com is just a simple blog about a simple 30-year-old who is an awkward individual who likes to share her life with others. I will write about whatever is on my mind, from my favorite recipe to our most recent camping trip to my love-hate relationship with running to more serious, taboo topics, like struggling with disordered eating along with grief and depression.

I am an honest person, and I believe my job as a writer is to be even more honest. After all, it’s not about me–it’s about creating an experience for YOU, my reader, and I do that through honesty.

I am fun to get to know, and I am sure I will amuse you in some sort of way with my awkwardness!

Browse around, check out my Archives. I am sure you’ll find something that interests you.

Thanks for stopping by!

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