Las Vegas – Chapter 3: Seven Magic Mountains and the Hoover Dam

Next in my Las Vegas adventure:

The Seven Magic Mountains, which is collection of colorful boulders stacked on one another  more than thirty feet high by Swiss artist, Ugo Rondinone, and the one and only Hoover Dam!  The Hoover Dam stretches from Nevada into Arizona, so I got to be in two places and time zones at once! Pretty cool, huh?


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Las Vegas – Chapter 2: Valley of Fire

Okay, so this is technically not in Las Vegas, but it was a part of our Vegas trip.

This, for me, was one of the highlights. I come from green-treed North Carolina (although right now, the fall foliage is beautiful!), so to see dirt and red rock mountains was a beautiful change of scenery. If you are taking a trip out towards Las Vegas, make the time to stop here.

I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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The Anxious Doe

Some days are definitely better than others. I feel I definitely earn my gold star adulting stickers and then other days… What happened? On the days that are not so good—from general anxiety to stress to being hangry (which is very real, trust me) and everything in between—social interactions can be a big struggle for […]