Cooking Pizza with the Uuni

My husband and I have been working to get our back deck to be enjoyable. It has come a long way! From having stairs that went straight down into the dogs’ fenced in area to actually having a deck with a tin roof over it is quite exciting! I love thunderstorms as it is, and I cannot wait to sit out there when it rains. It is still a work in progress, but I am so happy with it so far! It will be great for spring and summer.

One thing we have gotten is this cool pizza oven called an Uuni (pronounced like oo-knee). It can cook a pizza in about 60-90 seconds. We will never buy frozen pizza (or maybe even order pizza) ever again!

We tried our hand at making our own pizza dough tonight, and it worked out very well. We had tried the store-bought kind, and I think it is a lot better when you make your own. A thin crust works best.

All we did was make a pizza dough, use our favorite pizza sauce and toppings, and throw it in here for a little over a minute, turning it about every 15 seconds or so. It is super easy!

Check out the Uuni here.

Instant Pot Mexican Rice

Here is the recipe for the Instant Pot Mexican Rice

The only thing I would do differently with this recipe is not add as much water. I didn’t take into account the water from the canned tomatoes (my bad), so I had to drain some of the liquid at the end. Overall, taste is pretty good, although I personally would have liked it to be more flavorful.

After and before goodness (because I have to make it awkward). 

Would I make it again?: Yes

Do you recommend this to others?: Yes