The Running Zombies

I debated for about a week or so if I was even going to write about this. In a way, it is kind of comical. What happens in the dream is not comical by any means, but who dreams of being chased by zombies?

*Slowly raises hand*

Some time has passed since I woke up from this odd dream, so I don’t remember how it started. I certainly remember how it ended though. These zombies had blood oozing from their mouths, like a zombie from Michael Jackson’s Thriller music video. They were honestly scary-looking. These weren’t the walking zombies…

They were the running zombies.

Yes, running zombies. Not staggering or walking or limping or dragging a leg. These zombies were RUNNING after me, and this is where it gets a little comical: During the dream, all I could think about was how glad I was to have gotten into running again (although I hate to say that once again I have taken a break from it after having some foot and hip pain). I’m not a fast runner by any means (15 to 16 minute miles), so I remember getting very nervous as this swarm of zombies kept getting closer and closer to me.

I tell my dogs, River (black lab) and Piper (dachshund/Jack Russell), to hurry up. River, who is definitely the smarter one, was keeping up with me just fine as Piper kept stopping and sniffing random stuff on the side of the road. Can you guess which one made it?

That was when I woke up, and I almost burst into tears.

Damn it, Piper! I thought as I lay awake in darkness in the middle of the night, trying not to wake anyone up. I checked my Fitbit and my heart rate was elevated into the 90s, which is a little high for me. I didn’t sleep for the remainder of the night.

I’ve dreamt about the Grim Reaper before, so to dream of something else death-related made me very anxious. So, what did I do? Googled it, of course!

In the screenshot below, this is just from one source (, but I thought what it had to say was quite interesting and has got me thinking about things in my life. I would definitely say I feel I am in a “rut” in certain areas, so I need to take some time and reflect on what is perhaps making me feel this way and what I can do to improve it.

2019-02-27 12_24_44-Window

Have you ever dreamt you’ve been chased by zombies?

One thought on “The Running Zombies

  1. Oh my god. I thought that I was the only person that thought the “Thriller” music video was terrifying. I’ve had many dreams where I’ve been chased by things but never one with zombies.


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