What Does Love Mean to You?

Ah, it is Valentine’s Day. It got me thinking about what love is to me. I have been married for almost 7 years and still figuring it out, and I am no means an expert or love guru.

This is a both serious and silly examination of what love means to me.

But for me, in all seriousness, love is a commitment. I am not talking about love just in a romantic sense.

I would describe love as a commitment to someone else that you will care for them despite their flaws or shortcomings. I say that because there have been times where I still loved although I did not like the others I loved. I don’t think liking someone and loving someone necessarily always go hand in hand. I have loved and not liked.

I would describe love as sacrifice in that it isn’t necessarily all about you anymore. You are sharing your life with others and sometimes that means you may get put on the back burner. I am not saying you give up your life and never think for youself again or that you totally lose yourself. I am just saying that you sometimes make sacrifices for those you love not because anyone asked you to but because you wanted to. Because you care.

Love takes work. I don’t describe romantic love as a warm and bubbly feeling all the time. In the sense of a relationship or marriage, love is work sometimes. You argue and disagree and fight about God knows what. This is where that commitment factor comes in. It is like saying to your partner, “Although you have pissed me off and I don’t like you a whole lot right now, I will stay committed to you.”

Love is getting your partner’s favorite candy bar or soda when you go into a gas station without them asking you to.

Love is ordering extra fries because you know they’re going to eat some of yours.

Love is being supportive of someone else’s dreams or goals, even if you disagree or think they’re crazy. I am not saying you have to agree. We can agree to disagree all day long, but I feel being supportive is a good thing.

Love is doing things for others without being asked to and keeping your word. To me, that not only shows love but it shows respect.

Love, to me, also means a passion for something. I know the word gets thrown around like confetti (“Oh, I love that shirt!”) but there are things I just love to do. Like writing and drawing. It makes me happy and I have committed myself to it.

What does love mean to you? Happy Valentine’s Day!

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