When the Switch Turns Off

What do you do when things are going good and life is bright–you’re happy, you’re accomplishing goals, you feel motivated, you feel encouraged, you’re hopeful–but then all of a sudden…the switch turns off and you’re in the darkness?

The worst part is there was nothing in particular that made it go off.

It just did.

Even though you’ve been in the darkness many, many times, you’re still scared. You’re paralyzed. You’re numb. You’re sad. You’re hopeless. You’re angry, perhaps, that you’re here again, like falling into a hole that you didn’t see or–if you did see it coming–you couldn’t avoid it.

You have to take a moment, and sometimes that moment can last minutes. It can last hours. It can last days. It can last weeks. It can last a long time before the paralysis goes away to a point to where you can even think about moving toward the switch.

What if your life was actually full of clutter and you were so used to it, you saw nothing when you were in the room (your life)? Sure, there’s a big pile of clothes over there (poor diet), socks and shoes over there (lack of sleep), a sink full of dishes over there (lack of frequent and consistent exercise), but you chose to not see the clutter. You let it pile up and up.

Since the light’s out, how are you going to not trip and fall?

You think to yourself, Once again, I’ve really made my life harder than what it has to be. 

So now you’re left in the dark, surrounded by clutter, and you have to stumble through to find your way back to the switch.

Maybe you’re lucky and the light just comes back on. You sigh in relief because that means you’re not going to stub your toe. You can now see the path to make it back to the door to get on with your life. Just like the switch just went off, it went on again.

You remind yourself, I really need to keep a flashlight (practice self-care) for when the switch goes out.

Maybe one day you’ll finally listen and learn.



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