Dear Insomnia

Dear Insomnia,

You annoy me more than anything else in my life. You cause me to have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. I hate waking up around midnight and not being able to go back asleep. Or any other random time of night. My body is tired–oh, so tired–and you do everything you can to make sure I don’t get the rest I need. You are a champ and an expert at outsmarting whatever medication I throw at you. You are cunning and clever, laying dormant for a while and tricking me and my doctor into thinking we’ve finally got it figured out. You prove us wrong again and again.

Quit getting my brain all riled up when the word “bedtime” comes up. My brain activity is very, very active and sensitive with a lot of endurance, and it does not take much to entice my mind on why it should not turn off for the night. You know I am a night owl by nature,  but I have to be an early bird by force. I need you to back off and let me be.

I tend to take for granted the nights I easily fall asleep when the medication works like it is supposed to. To the Sand Man, I am so sorry for whatever I said or did to make you leave. I hate that every time the afternoon comes around, I get a little nervous because I am not sure how well I will sleep that night.

All I want is a restful, complete night’s sleep. It improve my mood, helps me run better, and just makes me a better person. No one like a cranky doe.

I am not sure what your motive is, but if it is a burst of creative inspiration, Imma need you to reschedule that between the hours of 5pm and 8pm on weekdays and any time on the weekends, please.

K, thnx.


The Awkward Insomniac

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