Book Review: “Red Dragon” by Thomas Harris

I don’t consider myself a reader with a favorite genre, but I think I am a fan of the mystery genre. This is the first “mature mystery” book I have ever finished, and I use the word “mature” because this book is definitely not for the youngins. This ain’t no Nancy Drew series. There are disturbing scenarios, and the killer of the story is a seriously disturbed individual. Suspenseful with a few mouth-dropping twists, Red Dragon was a story I enjoyed from start to finish.

Following the murders of two families, a detective is called in from retirement to help solve these mysteries. It is a rush to catch the killer, who calls himself the Dragon (and not the Tooth Fairy as the media has nicknamed him), before he strikes again and kills another family on the next full moon. (The killer likes to leave bite marks on his victims, among other “signature moves”, hence the nickname.) The story has many twists and turns, so I never found myself bored. The ending was definitely a surprise to me, so it is well worth the read!

What I love most about Harris’s writing is he is blunt. He just comes right out and says what is happening. He does not tip-toe. He was so blunt I had to reread things to make sure I read it right the first time.

Overall, I give it 4.5/5.

Favorite quote:

Good-bye, Dr. Lecter…”

“Do you know how you caught me?”

Graham was out of Lecter’s sight now, and he walked faster toward the far steel door.

“The reason you caught me is that we’re just alike” was the last thing Graham heard as the steel door closed behind him.

Who Am I?: The Results Are In!

As an early Christmas present, my husband got me one of those Ancestry DNA kits. I have always wanted to know more about my lineage and where I come from. Well, my friends, the results are in!

I gotta say deep down, I was hoping for something really random, like Asian or Indian or something. Unfortunately, that was not the case. Turns out I’m a simple English/Irish gal (not too surprising) with maybe a little bit of Scottish tid bits thrown in there.

I knew I was English and Irish, but I didn’t know how much and had always assumed I was more Irish than anything. According to my results, I am more English, which surprised me. Regardless, it was fun and my results came in way faster than I expected.

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