10 Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle


Based on my doctor’s visit from the other day (the one I was so worried about), I made my own rules about developing a healthy lifestyle so I could easily remember it throughout the day. I love alphabetical order!

I am just starting this new journey, so this isn’t some tried and proven method, but I feel it will work for me. Maybe it will help you, too!

  1. ALCOHOL – 1 x week, limit to 1
  2. EXERCISE – 5-6 x week
  3. FISH – 2 x week
  4. H2O – All day, every day
  5. PORTIONS – Be mindful of how much
  6. SNACK – Fruit/nuts, veggies/seeds
  7. SODA – Just say no!
  8. SUGAR – NO!!!
  9. TIME – Be mindful of the time you eat
  10. WEIGH – 1 x week


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