The Anxious Doe

Some days are definitely better than others. I feel I definitely earn my gold star adulting stickers and then other days… What happened? On the days that are not so good—from general anxiety to stress to being hangry (which is very real, trust me) and everything in between—social interactions can be a big struggle for […]

Instant Pot Mexican Rice

Here is the recipe for the Instant Pot Mexican Rice

The only thing I would do differently with this recipe is not add as much water. I didn’t take into account the water from the canned tomatoes (my bad), so I had to drain some of the liquid at the end. Overall, taste is pretty good, although I personally would have liked it to be more flavorful.

After and before goodness (because I have to make it awkward). 

Would I make it again?: Yes

Do you recommend this to others?: Yes