Small town living 101: “Why are you in my driveway?”

When I was 16, nothing was more important to me than having a job and my driver’s license. I did not waste my time on either. I had a job not even a week after I turned 16, and within a month I was down at the DMV.

I soon discovered, though, that driving brought about this paranoia I didn’t know I had…

“Is that a cop behind me?”

The only thing I did in my ‘95 Thunderbird that would cause a cop any concern was the fact I had a speeding problem in that car. It was so smooth and would glide. You’d think you were going 45 but then you look down and you’re going 95.

I got 6 warnings and 1 speeding ticket in that thing.

Anyway, I still had this fear that I was doing SOMETHING wrong and was going to get pulled over. I am not sure why I had such an intense fear of this, but I did.

One night, I was driving to my friend’s house, who lived off a well-known road called Jones Creek. I had been over there so many times that I could find it in my sleep. I was about a mile away from the road to turn off of, and I looked up in my rear view mirror.

GASP! A cop was following me. I was sure of it.

I turned on the next road I could find, and sure enough, the cop turned, too. I started to internally panic. So, I turned on a random road to the left.

The cop followed me. I turned down a couple of more random roads. The cop was so close behind me that I couldn’t see his headlights. I turned on a gravel dirt road and saw a trailer with the lights on inside. I frowned. Great, a dead end, I thought. I went to put the car in reverse but froze when I saw blue lights flashing all over the place.

There haven’t been many moments in my life where I felt frozen, but that was one of them.

I sighed and rested my back against the seat. So, this is it? I thought. I am so screwed.

It was dark outside, so I didn’t get the best view of the cop as he walked up to my window and motioned for me to roll it down. He quickly said, “Why are you in my driveway?”

My jaw dropped! I hated to lie, but I said, “I am looking for Jones Creek, and I am guessing this is not it.”

He explained to me how to get to Jones Creek while I tried to hide my embarrassment written all over my face. As I pulled around and left his driveway to head back out to the Old Blue Ridge Highway, I was smiled and shook my head.

Seriously, that is my luck, I thought.

Small town living 101: Don’t turn off random roads because you will end up in someone’s driveway, and it may just be the person behind you, who is probably a cop. 

It was not funny at the moment, but I find it hilarious now. One of many moments I have had like that. 1330 (19)Have you ever done something like that? I would love to hear about it!

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