Meet the Awkward Critters

Pepe (aka Pepino and Pickle II)

  • Orange cat who loves to talk… ALL THE TIME
  • Likes food to be in his bowl at all times
  • Enjoys stopping right in front of his hoomans to try and make them trip
  • Lives dangerously and likes to jump in to decisions head first (literally) without putting much thought into his actions
  • Loves to bask in the sunshine
  • Has a drooling problem
  • Most loving cat ever


River (aka Reever)

  • Black Labrador mix
  • Survivor of mange, abuse, and neglect
  • Was thrown into a river with her siblings and was the only one who survived
  • Extremely needy and performs lots of attention-seeking activities
  • Loves to be outside, camping, walking on her leash, chicken nuggets, and car rides
  • Very jealous dog and can be a bully if you cross her path on a bad day (which is almost every day)
  • Very, very loving and sweet to hoomans and to others when she gets used to them
  • Loves “talking” and howling with her hoomans


Piper (aka Mi Piper and Hyper Piper)

  • Dachshund/Jack Russell mix (her coat is dapple)
  • Sugar, spice, and everything lazy in one sassy dog
  • The moody teenager of dogs and loves to sleep on the couch
  • Stubborn but has periods of obedience if it is convenient for her
  • Likes to lunge at your face to give you kisses
  • Free-spirited and marches to her own drum beat
  • Dreads going outside but loves going for a walk, car rides, and chicken nuggets
  • The master of the “side eye” stink eye
  • Not usually a dominant one, but is very sweet, loving, and hyper overall

“She is small, but she is fierce” – Shakespeare 

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